Monday, March 26, 2012

Most annoying sounds at work!

Ok I wasn't going to do this but I can't take it anymore... GAH!! Most days at work its very peaceful, the sounds I usually hear are people walking up and down the stairs, the click of me pushing the button to let someone in the door and my music being played quietly in the background. Today is NOT one of those days.

Work is expanding to the suite next door so we have had many contractors and businesses coming in and helping with the expansion. The telephone warehouse guys are awesome! I'm not liking the ADT people, they are not mean they are actually very nice but the noise is the MOST ANNOYING noise ever!! The control pad is in the front next to my desk. All day it has been beeping. Sometimes a couple short beeps which isn't too bad. But the LONG continuous beep is beginning to be untolerable. And there is to goes again... I'm glad that I only have 30 minutes left at work. Yes I'm typing this at work but I have nothing to do and I don't want to go nuts. Hence the rant.

Another annoying sound at work would be when the copier beeps continuously and says, "Feed me paper!!" No it doesn't actually say that but that beep is annoying. Or when you are done scanning something and leave the paper on the glass. Yep! I've come to the conclusion that I don't like things that BEEP.


  1. That must have been a very long day. Kind of like scratching on the chalkboard!