Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I think I'm flatter?

Today at work a guy came in and asked if we were hiring. I always think to myself when people go door to door and end up at my work looking for a job I’m pretty sure that they won’t qualify. I know that sounds bad but I work with Environmental Engineers! This instance wasn’t any different. My boss had told me about a website that we can send them to because we don’t except applications here, that goes through Corporate. I kindly give him our generic card with the website on it that he should go to, to look for our openings. At this point I was very grateful that my boss was standing at my desk as well.
About 20 minutes later the phone rang, (haha the phone actually just rang as I’m typing this). I answer it because that’s part of my job, the number was unavailable. The guy on the other end asked if I was the receptionist. Yes… He then proceeded to ask me out on a date, he wasn’t going to ask me out with “that lady” aka my boss was standing at my desk. The only thing that popped into my head of how to reject him was that I had a boyfriend. I felt that was the kindest way than saying, “I’m sorry a prerequisite to date me would be to have a job.” (That’s what the guys at work told me I should have told him.) I’m not that mean. I told him I was flattered and that I had to get back to work. Apparently because you are dating someone (in my case “dating” someone) still means that I’m available if I don’t have any kids with the guy. Really?! The guy kept asking me questions and I quickly hung up the phone. The creepy thing is that he now knows where I work!