Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wait, who is getting married?!

I am the biggest dork known to man!! I went to this cookie shop to get cookies for some vendors for work. I had never been in the store but have had their cookies. It was such a cute store! I wanted to buy the whole place. Oh the place is Cookies From Home in Tempe. They had little decorations to buy and cute boxes and baskets to put the cookies in. Anyways, I was looking around and saw these adorable metal presents. They were silver and covered in glitter, it wasn't solid it had slits in it. Perfect for putting cards in at a reception. So I asked the lady that was helping me how much the presents were. There was 2 small ones and a bigger one. She looked and said, "Oh those are displays." I was a little sad. When she saw my disappointment she said let me ask if we can sell one to you. I had told her they would be adorable for a reception. When the owner came out my sales lady proceeded to tell her about me and how I was getting married! Yeah, that was news to me too. Everyone all got excited and they would sell the smaller one to me (because that's the one I picked out) for $10. HELLO BARGIN! I asked if I could come back tomorrow because the only thing I had with me was the company credit card. How would you explain that one on an expense report?

When I went back today to get the present, there was a different lady there and she knew all about me. Her, other workers and a couple customers congratulated me on my engagement because apparently I was the talk of this tiny store the rest of yesterday. One day I will get married and no doubt this will be there place for people to put our cards in.

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