Friday, September 16, 2011

Young Women's 5 Year Time Capsule

Just the other day I was at my parents house. The doorbell rang and I got it. My old YW advisor was at the door and she wanted me. It was kind of funny since I don't live at my parents anymore. Anyways, she gave me a jar that I had made. Twelve years ago, her daughter did a project where all the girls my age did a 5 year time capsule. We were all supposed to get together to open our time capsules together but they were forgotten about. So in my little studio by myself I opened my time capsule. I had to think about it and I was 14 at the time and was in 8th grade (I knew the grade because there was a sheet on there that said what grade I was in). And of course I took pictures. I'm a little embarrased at some of the things that are in there. Apparently I was in LOVE with someone in my ward. He is now happily married. But he we go a look into Sarah's life at age 14.

The Jar... Hint: The guy's name starts with a J

A bookmark (Maybe I was hinting that like to read, or really like teddy bears. The latter probably not being the case as you will be further down.)

Candy hearts (why would I put these in?! It's not like I will eat them 5 yrs later... I mean 12 yrs later.)

Backstreet boys & 'NSYNC (Oh yes! No 14 year old girl would denie this.)

Winterfresh gum (that was my favorite... I remember I didn't like anything else. And again why did I put the piece in when I could have just put the wrapper in. I denied myself a perfectly good piece of gum.)

Yep that's my birthday!

No need to explain this one.

The label on it says chaped lips. (Apparently I had really chapped lips then. And I wanted to remember that for some reason.)


  1. Wow! That was interesting. What would you put in a time capsule now?

  2. Ha ha!! I love it. I remember making a wedding time capsule when I was 15. It was to be opened right before I got married. Seth and I opened it together and, oh boy, we found some treasures. A 15 year old planning a wedding is NOT a good idea. I had also thrown in there names I wanted for our children. Ha ha. :)