Saturday, September 17, 2011


IKEA is a good friend! For the longest time I was using a card table and 2 folding chairs from my parents as my kitchen table. I finally found one that I like at... IKEA!! This was a nice wood table and FOUR chairs for $129. As almost everything that comes from IKEA you have to put it together yourself. My dad started helping me out one night and then had to leave to go do something. So my lovely sister came in to help. We were down to the last couple chairs and this one screw wouldn't go in. It was mocking us! 
We finally gave up and then the next day, Sunday. We needed my table and chairs for dinner, we were feeding the sister missionaries. My brother, Clayton, tried a go at this screw. It wasn't giving in until it finally decided we had enough and went in. Here is it put all together. 
What it looks like in my house. Pretty isn't it?!

I also got a lamp. (Thank you 3 amigos for putting it together.) I don't know how I was living in such a dark place all these months. Okay it's only been 3 months but STILL!
There is something about the color of this car that I don't like. I looks like it should glow in the dark. Oh and two big dudes were driving in it.
Me and nephew #5. We discovered that my camera can be switched so you can look into the screen and take a picture that way. No flash but still fun, #5 liked it.

Got to make a delivery for work and this was my visitors' badge. I only was on the plant for maybe ten minutes but I still felt special.

 For some reason I REALLY like this picture of me. The coloring I think I kind of look vampire-ish.

This is my new best friend, Jill Anderson. I love her. We met because we are visiting teaching companions. So now you know good things come from doing your visiting teaching. Oh and we had never seen a bag of hash browns this big before. SIX POUNDS!!

After we (Jill, her bf, her roommate, me & our friend Clint) took advantage of Harkin's 78th Anniversary and saw our second free movie that week. We went to Chili's. I love how in the corner it says, Population: You! That was the best part! We also got to color chilies while we waited for our food.

Mine - kind of boring but I had fun.

Clint was definitely more creative than me.

And last but not least.... 

Jenny and I went to Five Guys for a late lunch after some shopping today. If you haven't gone yet you should go NOW! This is the size of the regular fries - NO JOKE! The fries in the cup AND on the plate.

IF you are still reading this then I'm sorry. It is very random but then in the beginning I DID tell you it would be. :D

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