Friday, September 17, 2010


For Labor Day weekend I had the opportunity to go to Seattle with my sister, Jenny. I was just going to have you read the background story on why she came and I didn't see my friend, but she did such a good job on all the details of the trip that you should just read her's and I'll post pictures. See post here (make sure to read part one first... it's the second post). Alrighty then now that you have read her post here are pictures of our adventure. And if you haven't read her post do it now! Let me just warn you that I took at least 100 pictures at the Japanese Garden so get excited! Or don't get mad that they are all plants. The place was GORGEOUS!

View from our hotel room #2

A huge tree and the Japanese Garden!

Who would have thought that leaves can change colors. Yet even be red & green at the same time!

A spider web, which we only got because it was misty rain that morning.

The Koi was HUGE! A lot bigger than the ones @ the gas station by my house.

We found this spider... I hope you can see it. It's right in the middle of the picture.

This duck is for dad. We know how you like ducks. (Which I didn't find out til a couple years ago.)

Frosty plant.

This picture is for Caleb... it reminded us of dinosaurs... and if you haven't seen that video of Caleb you are so missing out. The Dinosaur Egg Hunt priceless!

This was off a tree in the entrance to the garden... and this was a smaller leaf!

The Seattle Temple (It was the perfect day to take pictures)

The leaves here where bigger than the garden ones!

The difference between my picture and Jenny's. (Hint look at the flag pole)

A place we sat on the temple grounds to call mom and tell her about our day.

This was during the 5+ hours we were in the hotel room. Jenny was trying to straighten the picture. Didn't work due to the fact that they used 2 screws instead of one to hang it up.

Yay we figured out how the timer works!!

Haha... this was Saturday morning on the way to the gardens. And yes that is a mattress strapped to the back of the truck! Maybe they should have gotten a bigger truck.

I loved the weather there... a couple times I did get mad at Jenny for not talking pictures. I'm sorry!

Saying one last goodbye to George!

Thank you Jenny for coming with me & having a wonderful time!

P.S. If you want to see more pictures of the trip look at my other blog. Yes believe it or not there is a LOT more pictures.