Saturday, March 27, 2010

Green Lights!

On my way home from work today the freeway was closed so I had to take Baseline all the way home. Yes I could have took Southern but didn't realize the freeway was closed till I go there. I didn't want to to turn around so Baseline it was. I was dreading it but guess what?! I got all green lights the whole way home. It was wonderful!!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Potato chips
 and M&M's 

are delicious together! I don't know why but I had the craving tonight after work. And yes it's great!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting lost isn't such a BAD thing!

I started a new job where we do surveys. Whether it be on the phone, in person or recruiting people for taste tests. I got the opportunity to go out to Phoenix to be in a dental office ALL day to ask people in the waiting room if they had seen a particular advertisement. The survey took about 10 minutes and we gave them $5 for completing the survey. And the day I went they were super slow... and I forgot my BOOK! I can't believe I did... that's usually the first thing I grab, thinking "I'm going to be there all day 8 hours so I should remember my book." Yeah that didn't happen. So as I was driving home, wait let me tell you on the way there the directions that work gave me were wrong so I had to call the office & really find out where they were. As you all know I suck at finding my way around and know what direction I'm going. So on the way home I got lost!! Okay I started at Central & Osborn. I tried calling a couple people to have them help me get home. When my brother called me back I was at Broadway & 40th... I was trying to get to the freeway so I could head back to work on Mill & Broadway. My brother brought to my attention that why would I go 3 or 4 miles out of my way in rush hour traffic non the less when I'm already on Broadway. I have one smart brother! I never thought about that. I ended up taking Broadway all the way home. I guess getting lost CAN be a good thing.