Tuesday, January 26, 2010


For Christmas the whole family was here. Which was cool because my little brother, Zach, leaves for his mission in 2 weeks. Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's already here! He's going to the Cuiaba, Brazil Mission, he will be teaching the gospel to others for 2 years. I'm excited for him. Okay, I was just going to get on here and tell you some highlights of the holidays and show you some pictures. But I guess I'm going to also add the hilarious time I had with Zach while I was taking his missionary pictures. There was a big storm last week and he had to take some pictures outside. Yeah there is going to be a LOT of pictures in this post. I might have to just do one with Zach. Yeah I'll do that... I have just retitled this post ZACH! To your left you would have the picture that we picked to go up on the ward wall with the missionaries.

Here Zach is trying to do the smile that mom liked... yeah that didn't turn out too well.

Not his good side.

Now we have the pictures that Zach wanted to take outside with his umbrella that he got for his mission. But when the opened it, it was broken. So we opted for the HUGE umbrella that my parents owned. Oh he wanted to take pictures outside in his full suit because it was raining and it would be cool.

I really like this picture. He didn't know I was taking it, he was just looking at me.

And here is where the wind picked up & he decided to go GQ!

We will all miss Zach and all he brings to our family. The house will be very quiet when the nephews are NOT over.