Friday, September 17, 2010


For Labor Day weekend I had the opportunity to go to Seattle with my sister, Jenny. I was just going to have you read the background story on why she came and I didn't see my friend, but she did such a good job on all the details of the trip that you should just read her's and I'll post pictures. See post here (make sure to read part one first... it's the second post). Alrighty then now that you have read her post here are pictures of our adventure. And if you haven't read her post do it now! Let me just warn you that I took at least 100 pictures at the Japanese Garden so get excited! Or don't get mad that they are all plants. The place was GORGEOUS!

View from our hotel room #2

A huge tree and the Japanese Garden!

Who would have thought that leaves can change colors. Yet even be red & green at the same time!

A spider web, which we only got because it was misty rain that morning.

The Koi was HUGE! A lot bigger than the ones @ the gas station by my house.

We found this spider... I hope you can see it. It's right in the middle of the picture.

This duck is for dad. We know how you like ducks. (Which I didn't find out til a couple years ago.)

Frosty plant.

This picture is for Caleb... it reminded us of dinosaurs... and if you haven't seen that video of Caleb you are so missing out. The Dinosaur Egg Hunt priceless!

This was off a tree in the entrance to the garden... and this was a smaller leaf!

The Seattle Temple (It was the perfect day to take pictures)

The leaves here where bigger than the garden ones!

The difference between my picture and Jenny's. (Hint look at the flag pole)

A place we sat on the temple grounds to call mom and tell her about our day.

This was during the 5+ hours we were in the hotel room. Jenny was trying to straighten the picture. Didn't work due to the fact that they used 2 screws instead of one to hang it up.

Yay we figured out how the timer works!!

Haha... this was Saturday morning on the way to the gardens. And yes that is a mattress strapped to the back of the truck! Maybe they should have gotten a bigger truck.

I loved the weather there... a couple times I did get mad at Jenny for not talking pictures. I'm sorry!

Saying one last goodbye to George!

Thank you Jenny for coming with me & having a wonderful time!

P.S. If you want to see more pictures of the trip look at my other blog. Yes believe it or not there is a LOT more pictures.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I went to a photography workshop last week and learned a lot about my camera and getting the most out of it. We got to take pictures of a model you can see them on my other blog here. Anyways, I used those tips and took some pictures of my newest nephew. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tender Moments

People come into your lives, one things leads to another and they touch your heart without even knowing it. I went to a photography workshop yesterday and met some wonderful people. One of the ladies there does digital scrapbooking designs for free. I went to her blog here and came across an entry titled "A heartwarming photo shoot." At the bottom there is a link where you can look at this photo shoot. As I read the story behind this lady and all that she went through, loosing her husband and having to raise 3 young kids, touched my heart. I immediately cried. But looking at those pictures I saw all the love and patience this young mother has for her kids and the faith she has in Heavenly Father. Please look at this, you will not be disappointed.
I'm very grateful for all the people that I meet and touch my life forever.

The Things You Do For Work...

One of the companies I work for is called GradImages, where we taking pictures of graduations. I started working for them back in December 2009. This season was the first time that I was sent equipment and able to take pictures. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. Last week I had 3 graduations and went to pick up my equipment at a hotel in Tempe.. it came in a huge case looked kind of like a bomb case weighing 40 pounds.

I got to photography Coronado HS and AJ HS and then.... Kofa HS in... YUMA!! Oh yes I got payed to go to Yuma and photograph 550 students. I didn't want to go so my younger sister went with me. It was bound to be an adventure. We booked our hotel at the Knights Inn and planned to not spend more than 24 hours there.

On the way there we were driving by a field, I think, and it smelt BAD. So we turned the air on circulate and after a minute we looked at each other and I said, "It smells funny. Lets turn it off." Jenny thought the same thing too.

As soon as we left civilization, Jenny realized that she needed to use the bathroom. And it was getting bad.  We tried looking for a place to stop, but all we could see was very scraggly bushes and sand. As we're driving, keeping our eyes peeled for a place to stop, we see a sign that said "Now Entering Sonoran Desert National Park." Fate was not working for us. And I busted up laughing. This road was no straight smooth road it was definitely a windy bumpy road with lots of hills and dips. I saw a white little thing approaching on the side of the road & suggested to Jenny that maybe we should stop there. Coming up to it, Jenny pointed and said, "Sarah, it's a shrine!" I didn't know. It just looked like a little white box and I was totally kidding.

We finally reached the Gila Bend where we pulled into a Dairy Queen that clearly said restrooms.Feeling bad that we were just using their facilities and not purchasing anything we went inside and got 2 cherry dipped cones. Which you have to pay more for a cherry dipped than chocolate when it says on the sign 2 dipped cones for $3. Well the sign LIED! Here is the restrooms on the side of the DQ...

As we were eating our cones, they were melting fast and the ice cream was too soft, we got back on the road. Before we got to the 8...

I couldn't finish my cone it was just BAD. I took then proceeded to take the wrapper off and tossed it out the window. I figured it was biodegradable, so yes I rolled down my window and tossed it before getting on the highway.

We finally made it to Yuma about 3 and 1/2 hours from leaving Mesa and checked into our hotel.
We were definitely NOT going to go swimming here. We had about 45 minutes before I had to be at the high school for the graduation. We changed and stopped at Fry's for some sandwiches. The graduation was good. We were over staffed because they went from a 2 line graduation to a 1 line. I was hoping that I wasn't shooting but that wasn't the case. It is a funny joke with the company to have the rookies ALWAYS shoot the handshake pose. This would be my 2nd photographing graduation. I was glad to learn that it was a posed picture it looks something like this...
(Image from Google)
We purposely get 2 cameras in our case just in case something goes wrong with your 1st camera. My team captain told me in all the 30 years he's worked with the company he's only had to use his backup twice. Well, I was the luck one where I was having flash problems and went threw both of my cameras and ended up using my team captain's backup. I only missed one student out of 550!! My arm was a little tired after words OK it really hurt but those things are massive...
And this is what we had for breakfast...
Yes... that is the cup that came in the hotel room! Just a p.s. cereal that is 99 cents doesn't taste very good.
On our way home we were smart and stopped to use the restroom before hitting that long bumpy road. And at the rest stop there was a HUGE dog. When Jenny finally saw it she proclaimed, "Seriously, it's like a small horse!" I was quiet entertained. We then ended up missing our turn off from the way we came so we took the 10 all the way to the 60. Not fun! Lots of construction.

But overall I thought it was rather entertaining. I got to spend some one on one time with my sister. Which we haven't done in a long time even though we live in the same house. (Yeah I know, sad right.) And we listened to a book on CD called, Savvy by.. um... crap I totally forget. I will have my sister let me know who it is in the comments. 

Anyways thank you Jenny for coming with me, I had a blast!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Old Rice Crispy Treats!

So my family had some rice crispy treats we forgot about. When we found them they tasted like cardboard. (They were in a cardboard box). Last weekend when Denise came into town I brought them out & we made things with them.

Our dude on a skateboard. P.S. Denise isn't holding him up.

Furniture set, included with fish.

Car... although he does look a lot bigger than it. But it's still cool.


My friends and I that made all the wonderful creations.


My sister, Jenny, was studying and her paper blew away from the fan and landed here...

I had to take a picture. Pretty cool huh?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

One Reason...

My sister, Jenny will make a great mother someday!!

Here she is showing the nephews how to wash dishes, even though they are play dishes. But she is teaching them with patience and love. I can't wait for the day I get married and have kids. And while Jenny is with them I know they will be in good hands. Thank you Jenny for being a great example to me!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A day with Ross!

My friend, Ross, graduated from Universal Technical Institute yesterday in Avondale and he asked me to go with him.Yes he is laughing a lot in the picture so his smile is a little crazy. But it was lots of fun I got to meet his parents and grandparents, his brother & 2 sisters and a couple cousins. When Ross introduced me to his mother she said she my name like "oh so you are the one that my boy must be dating and hasn't told me about." She & the grandma ended up asking me all these questions about how we met and how much we hang out and basically asking if I was dating Ross. It was pretty great because we are just really good friends.

After the graduation and all the amazing picture taking, Ross, me & his cousin Rebelle (yes that's her name and pronounced Rebel) went to eat. I took them to Islands, a very good burger place! On the way home Ross was driving and we had all the windows down with the sunroof open because it was such a nice day. As we are driving on the freeway a rock came up from the road into the top of the car. And then dropped down between my head and my sunglasses to hit me in the eye!! Yes that is exactly how it happened I'm not joking! Seriously I must be super special to get hit in the eye was a rock while wearing sunglasses!! And that was a tight space to go through to hit me in the eye! We got home safely and my eye is just fine NOW.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I love cupcakes! And so does my friend's little girl. More pictures of her 1st birthday photoshoot here.