Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blessings, Blessings, and more Blessings!

Today has been a wonderful day and it's only 2pm! It has actually been a really great week. I know I am loved by the Savior and that he has helped me out SO much! This week I got a call from 4 different people wanting me to take their pictures. I have 1 wedding, 3 family pictures, and an office for a website! And today I was going to talk to Dairy Queen about getting a job. My friend, Courtney, is in town for the week and has worked for this guy before. She actually ran a couple of his stores and they are actually hiring. While I was on my way down there, I got to drive my brother's car (thanks Seth) I got a phone call from Bobby at the elections warehouse. He asked me if I wanted to work I said yes! Then he asked if I wanted to know what the job was first. It is helping train the troubleshooters for the election starting tomorrow and go for 2 weeks. The troubleshooter are in charge of polling places & the equipment. I would be going around helping Tanya train for the next 2 weeks and hopefully work election night! I was so excited I accepted immediately. Now back to driving to Dairy Queen, I met Courtney there, filled out an application and got the job. And got paid more than employees get started at. My boss, Derek, was okay with me starting at the beginning of November when I was done with the elections. I can't believe I got 2 jobs in one day! After not working for the last couple of weeks! I'm really excited for elections I have missed all the guys that I was working with before. Dairy Queen is another story, I'm nervous. I always get nervous with a new job. But its an easy job and I'll be fine. Oh yeah and I have set up another blog for my porfolio. I'm still working on it but you guys will have to check it out! I'm working on getting a website set up but this will do for now. It's let me know what you think. So if you would like to add it to yours that would be great! Hope you all have a wonderful day and week! He is there and will help you if your trust in Him.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Laffy Taffy, Blizzards, & Spa Rice!

My family and I left last Friday to go to Utah for General Conference. They have never been which is crazy to me! I went 3 years ago and it was amazing!! Conference was so good we went to the Saturday morning session. My brothers & dad went to the Priesthood session while Jenny & my mom walked around temple square.
I really enjoyed the time that I spent with the family. We had a couple insidences that were hilarious I just have to share with you all.

*On the way up Zach was eating some Laffy Taffys. Seth asked him if he had any other than banana. Zach said no, so he gave him the other half of his. Then Zach proceeded to take a sour apple Laffy Taffy out of his pocket and started eating it.

*Jenny brought a bag on the trip that my mom had made for some girls for girl's camp. Then they bailed so she gave us the extras. They had nametags on them. Jenny left her's on. It said Shawna.

*After stopping @ Sam's Club for lunch. Zach came out of the store with a 44 oz red/blue powerade. Dad curb checked it and Zach fingers went into the styrophone cup. All over his pants & white shirt, he got it out, everything was fine.

* We saw a "filmore van" called Natty Light. Then were remembered by Andrew (4 yrs old nephew) who screamed, "I want to go to Holbrook," while we were driving home from New Mexico.

* We passed by Fernando's Hideaway, which should have remained a hideaway... not good at all. We ate there about 4 yrs ago and I'm sure a lot of us got sick. It was now changed to a steak house! Yikes!!

* "Hay lets go get some feed!"

* Friday we went to a frozen yogurt shop called Spoon Me. Zach met some of his friends that are going to BYU there. These we the napkins, I HAD to take a picture! And that fact that this place was right by BYU makes it even funnier!

* We were looking for places to eat Saturday night, we ended up going to Fazoli's! But in the phonebook I think we found our new Fernando's Hideaway called.... Guadalahonkies!!

* The Best Western that we stayed in was nice. For the breakfast they had a waffle maker. So you can have your own waffle in the morning. Sunday morning before we left Zach, Jenny, Seth & I were making waffles and noticed the different types of syrup. Boysen Berr & Mape!! They were still good.

* Spa Rice is delicious!! We are always talking about it when we are planning on going to Utah. My dad's friend from high school, Jerry, took us last time to a chinese place. He knows the owners very well, he goes all the time. They remembered us from last time, we sat down and they just brought out a whole bunch of food for us. Spa rice aka fried rice was a must of the things brought out. Then just like the last time they gave us a big bag of fortune cookies.

* Since Flagstaff on the way up, Seth said he wanted to get a thin mint Girl Scout cookie blizzard from Dairy Queen. We had just eaten so we didn't get it there. In Utah we didn't really look for one, when we came across it we weren't hungry. Then finally on the way home we stopped in Flagstaff again to get the blizzard. Mom even had a buy one get one free coupon. Oh we were excited! As we are ordering the man in the drive thru told us that they don't have that blizzard anymore. We couldn't believe our ears, did he really just say that didn't do it anymore? It had been about a month that they stopped it. We were laughing, he didn't get why, so we asked for our coupon back and ordered cones. :( Maybe if we had gone in Utah they might have had it. But we were talking about the thin mint blizzard the whole trip!! And never got it.

As you can see we had a great time. I'm a little sad that Diana & Clayton & their families missed out. But we will catch up this Christmas!