Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lost but not Forgotten

As most of you have heard I had a cousin die in a car accident a couple a weeks ago. She was going camping with her family & some friends. Savannah was 13 and a sweetheart. I took the news pretty hard, that Sunday was the worst I cried all day & even cried when I said the closing prayer for Relief Society, (the lesson wasn't even a touchy/emotional subject.) I think the reason it hit me so hard was because I was in a car accident a year ago & I could have been much worse than I was. (Yeah I know, I wasn't wearing my seatbelt.) But Savannah was sitting in the exact spot I was sitting in the car. All memories of that started flooding back to me. And I realized how precious life is.
A friend from my ward told me something that helped a lot. She had read a book about a man that had passed & gone to the other side and then he was able to come back to earth. The book is about his experiences in Heaven. And he said that the loved ones that are taken from us quickly are there to help us make it to Him. That was a comfort to me to know that Savannah will help me as well as her family & friends. That helped me a lot. I'm grateful for that knowledge so that when the funeral came 2 weeks late I was better prepared. I still cried like a baby during the funeral but at the gravesite I was able to keep composed & got to take some amazing & precious moments. Here is a couple of those moment, (p.s. Heather, I am sending the pictures in the mail now.)
The weather was gorgeous... I know Savannah helped out with that.
Zach & Bryan comforting my sister, Jenny.

Cousins along with Lance & Kyle (Savannah's brothers) remembering the good times.
Katie, Savannah's older sister.
Leah, Savannah's oldest sister.
Flowers that were on her casket.