Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wolverine Premiere

So I went to the Wolverine Premiere in Tempe! It was amazing and I was right up in the front with some of my friends! The weather was even nice, not 120 degrees which I loved. Like I said we were right up front so here are some pictures! PS the movie was amazing! When you see it watch it till the end of the credits.Me, Heather & Cyndl waiting for the stars to show up. Holy crap I glow in this picture.Heather & I
The guys that helped us and stood in line & were amazing!
Me & Cyndl
The Cast!! I told you we were up close!Hugh Jackman & Ryan ReynoldsRyan Reynolds... love the eyebrow raise!He now has his own parking spot!Liev Schreiber

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Oh how much I miss it!! I'm excited that I got to take some the other day my friend Vanessa had a baby girl a week ago so I got to go to her house & take pictures. It was exciting because I have 4 nephews so whenever I can do something girlie I'm all for it! I'm going to put up some recent pics for my portfolio and if you want to see other pics of Tilly (the newborn) just look at Nessa's blog! Okay here we go:
I absolutely love this picture!

These pictures are for my friend Courtney's salon in Oregon called Wicked Pixie!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Pageant! ...and other things

Last week was the first week of the Easter Pageant. It was an amazing week! The spirit is so strong there! The week started out a little frustrating I had asked to take Tuesday off & not work nights which I didn't think would be a problem since the month before I was working 6am to 2pm. When I had gotten the schedule for that week I was working all night shifts and I didn't have Tuesday off! I asked to see if I could switch with someone for Tuesday & they said don't come in, they would be fine. Later that night I got a call from work telling me to call them when the Easter Pageant was over and that I was off the schedule for this week. Of course me being as emotional as I am ALWAYS, (you would like I would be pregnant) :p I burst into tears. I didn't know what to do I was angry and confused. I was crying in my room texting a friend when he called me & told me that everything would be okay. And that Satan is the one that's doing this, he doesn't want you to go help out @ the Easter Pageant. Ross told me that the best thing to do is pray about it & read my scriptures and that is what I'm supposed to be doing. Things will work out. He did make me feel better. So I read my scriptures and prayer and felt a lot better. And that was just Monday.
Tuesday was the first day of the Easter Pageant and I felt good being there. Every night they have a devotional before it starts and even though the director takes up most the time talking about things to change and what not, there is still a wonderful spirit there. As Pageant Warriors we sit up in the choir loft, to see all the cast come together as one every night is quite an experience in and of itself. Things were getting better & exciting as the week went on. Wednesday it was windy so the warriors got to go up on stage & hold the curtains. To witness the pageant from that point of view is amazing. Standing on the sidelines quite & just observing was wonderful.
My favorite part of the Easter Pageant has always been when Christ appears after being resurrected. Being off to the side behind the curtain I didn't see when he appeared to Mary Magdaline but when he appeared to the apostles. The spirit was so overwhelming of course I burst into tears and I couldn't wipe them due to me holding the curtain still. Another time Jesus walked by me, when I didn't know he was going to walk by and the spirit he carries or the spirit around him is amazing! I think there is about 6 guys who play Christ and each one of them is amazing. Friday night it was really windy and I got to hold the main curtain along with 9 other people. I was even at the opening with Ashley Hathcock and to experience the pageant in a different perspective is just amazing. It was a tough job holding the curtain but we were the only ones helping out, some of the back stage crew were lying on the ground holding the plants so they wouldn't blow away (this was during the Adam & Eve scene). Everyone is just so willing to help out in any way they can.
This time during my favorite part I was on the other side of the stage & in front so when Christ appeared he wasn't 20 feet away from me. When Christ appeared I was still overwhelmed with the spirit but what really got me was the look on the apostles faces, realizing that Christ was alive! I can't wait for that day! Oh another thing which I think is amazing, after the final supper they ask the cast to not talk unless they are on the stage doing their parts. They ask them to keep a reverence so that the spirit can be even stronger. I noticed right before the scene of the last supper all the apostles gather together in a huddle, put their arms around each other, and say a prayer. I think to get into the state of mind & spirit of what they are about to do and they do it ever night. I'm so grateful for the Easter Pageant & having a temple so close by.
This week is going to be amazing I can feel it. I am not going to let Satan get to me. I am going to try my hardest to think positive and remember Him and that He is in control. Since I found out Friday that I was fired from work. I picked up my last check & turned in my key. But by putting Him in charge and having faith in him I already have an interview for a good job working with LDS doctors. I love this time of year with everything starting to bloom and becoming closer and closer to the Savior. It's just so wonderful things run a lot more smoothly with Him in it. I'm greatful for all that He did for me. I'm reading a book right now called "When the Bough Breaks" by Kay Lynn Magnum it's definitly something that I can relate to right now. Me not being in the same situation as her but feeling like your prayers aren't being answer and not feeling like He is there sometimes. And read a passage in the book I need to share with you about the atonement:
"You know, Rachel, no one in the world has gone through what you have. Everything about you and your situation makes it unique. That's why Christ is the only one who can help you get through this or any of your trials. He experienced the exact trials and the exact pain you're going through when He was in Gethsemane, in the exact way you're experiencing it and going through it every day. You don't have to explain why and how you hurt to Him. He already knows. That's why He's the one who knows how to heal and comfort you, if you'll go to Him for help. And that's why understanding and using Christ's Atonement can help so much."
As soon as I read that it made so much sence to me. That's why He did it for us because He loves us and we can go to Him whenever we can. He will always make things better. And of course I marked it in the book. There was some other stuff in this book that is exactly what I needed to hear/read at this time in my life. Okay I think I've written enough I'm sorry it's a little long. I just know that when we turn to Him everything will work out.