Wednesday, February 25, 2009

API Adventures!

Okay funny/cool things that have happened at work the past week.
*I got to talk to a Dr Eric from Norway! Yeah he was calling one of our doctors and I connected him with her. He actually had to call twice & I talked to him both times.
*I had a guy call from London, England calling ICS Investigations wanting to make sure this guy from a dating website was who he really said he was.
*One lady called lets call her "Kathy" & she told me that she was playing phone tag with "Penny". After I took Kathy's name & number she said, Tell Penny she's it now! That was pretty funny.
*We got a new account at work for the circus, we are like the ticket counter, online of course, kinda like ticketmasters. Anyways work calls it the Clown Account. Which I don't like the sound of that because I HATE clowns!

That's all I can think of at the moment. More too come!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I saw on one of my friend's blogs that she kinda did an about me using pictures so I figured this should be fun. Well here goes...

Now that's just a little bit about me. You will find out more later.


So between working at API and sleeping I still do take pictures! Mostly of the sky & the beautiful weather we have been getting. But recently I have come across some old pictures that I want to share with you, ENJOY!

The Eiffel Tower on the Vegas Strip

There was a big storm a couple weeks ago, this was the Sunday after.
This is another angle from that Sunday!

I made a pin hole camera my senior yr in high school, there was a light leak in it. That would be the black streak in the picture.

I love to play the piano!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


So it's always an interesting day at work. Okay first I work API, a professional image, and I basically answer phones and take messages. Most of the companies we take messages for are hospitals and doctor offices. So here are some funny things that I have had calls for.
* "I'm pretty sure my daughter swallowed a AAA battery."
* "My child swallowed a decorative marble, kinda like a peanut M&M but without the peanut."
* "I'm in the tennis courts at my apartment complex and the key isn't working. I'm locked inside and my kids are with me."
* "My son just swallowed a quarter."
* "One of our employees ran into the HR building."
* One male nurse said, "Man! I keep losing pens!" I started laughing, he said "Oh did you just hear that I'm sorry." And then he started laughing.
* Baby boy was 9 lbs 14.7 0z!! Holy big baby!!
* Some guy called in to leave a message for a girl and left his name as Fireman Mark! (I would love for Fireman Mark to call me) :D

Well that's all I have for now. Pretty interesting eh? More to come!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's just me!

Hello everyone! So almost everyone I know has their own blog, which is really cool. Where I get to see how they are doing and catch up with them. So I decided that I should make of for myself. I'm just warning you it might not be that exciting because I'm not married, don't have any kids, or is dating anyone. If you get bored I'm sorry. But I have a pretty interesting job right now where I'm pretty sure we will get some laughs from. Oh & sorry it's not cute yet it will be soon. To for warn you I LOVE pictures! And will be posting a lot of them! So I hope you enjoy!