Sunday, July 8, 2012

Apparently I don't have a green thumb like my sister's fiance.

Remember that talk by President Uchtdorf, Forget Me Not? Around Easter time I was at Target (I love that place), and I saw some forget-me-not flowers in the little pots. I decided to buy some for my sisters, mom and I. I was excited to plant these and watch them grow because I have never really grew anything before. I followed the instructions: wetting the soil, pushing the seeds into the soil, watering them and placing them next to sunlight. The next day after I started this is what I saw...

Oh I was so excited! And then a couple days later...

More of them started sprouting. I thought to myself this is so exciting. I can totally do this! Then about a week later, actually I'm not sure, yeah probably about a week. It was getting tall.

By now I wasn't seeing any drastic change. It was the weekend and my aunt went out of town and asked me to watch her "babies", 2 dogs and a cat. When I got home Sunday night I remembered that I had some forget-me-nots. Unfortunately I forgot them. *sad face*

I killed them. And I was doing so well! Needless to say I don't have a green thumb. I think it's kind of ironic that I forgot about the forget-me-nots.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Most annoying sounds at work!

Ok I wasn't going to do this but I can't take it anymore... GAH!! Most days at work its very peaceful, the sounds I usually hear are people walking up and down the stairs, the click of me pushing the button to let someone in the door and my music being played quietly in the background. Today is NOT one of those days.

Work is expanding to the suite next door so we have had many contractors and businesses coming in and helping with the expansion. The telephone warehouse guys are awesome! I'm not liking the ADT people, they are not mean they are actually very nice but the noise is the MOST ANNOYING noise ever!! The control pad is in the front next to my desk. All day it has been beeping. Sometimes a couple short beeps which isn't too bad. But the LONG continuous beep is beginning to be untolerable. And there is to goes again... I'm glad that I only have 30 minutes left at work. Yes I'm typing this at work but I have nothing to do and I don't want to go nuts. Hence the rant.

Another annoying sound at work would be when the copier beeps continuously and says, "Feed me paper!!" No it doesn't actually say that but that beep is annoying. Or when you are done scanning something and leave the paper on the glass. Yep! I've come to the conclusion that I don't like things that BEEP.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I think I'm flatter?

Today at work a guy came in and asked if we were hiring. I always think to myself when people go door to door and end up at my work looking for a job I’m pretty sure that they won’t qualify. I know that sounds bad but I work with Environmental Engineers! This instance wasn’t any different. My boss had told me about a website that we can send them to because we don’t except applications here, that goes through Corporate. I kindly give him our generic card with the website on it that he should go to, to look for our openings. At this point I was very grateful that my boss was standing at my desk as well.
About 20 minutes later the phone rang, (haha the phone actually just rang as I’m typing this). I answer it because that’s part of my job, the number was unavailable. The guy on the other end asked if I was the receptionist. Yes… He then proceeded to ask me out on a date, he wasn’t going to ask me out with “that lady” aka my boss was standing at my desk. The only thing that popped into my head of how to reject him was that I had a boyfriend. I felt that was the kindest way than saying, “I’m sorry a prerequisite to date me would be to have a job.” (That’s what the guys at work told me I should have told him.) I’m not that mean. I told him I was flattered and that I had to get back to work. Apparently because you are dating someone (in my case “dating” someone) still means that I’m available if I don’t have any kids with the guy. Really?! The guy kept asking me questions and I quickly hung up the phone. The creepy thing is that he now knows where I work!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wait, who is getting married?!

I am the biggest dork known to man!! I went to this cookie shop to get cookies for some vendors for work. I had never been in the store but have had their cookies. It was such a cute store! I wanted to buy the whole place. Oh the place is Cookies From Home in Tempe. They had little decorations to buy and cute boxes and baskets to put the cookies in. Anyways, I was looking around and saw these adorable metal presents. They were silver and covered in glitter, it wasn't solid it had slits in it. Perfect for putting cards in at a reception. So I asked the lady that was helping me how much the presents were. There was 2 small ones and a bigger one. She looked and said, "Oh those are displays." I was a little sad. When she saw my disappointment she said let me ask if we can sell one to you. I had told her they would be adorable for a reception. When the owner came out my sales lady proceeded to tell her about me and how I was getting married! Yeah, that was news to me too. Everyone all got excited and they would sell the smaller one to me (because that's the one I picked out) for $10. HELLO BARGIN! I asked if I could come back tomorrow because the only thing I had with me was the company credit card. How would you explain that one on an expense report?

When I went back today to get the present, there was a different lady there and she knew all about me. Her, other workers and a couple customers congratulated me on my engagement because apparently I was the talk of this tiny store the rest of yesterday. One day I will get married and no doubt this will be there place for people to put our cards in.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


IKEA is a good friend! For the longest time I was using a card table and 2 folding chairs from my parents as my kitchen table. I finally found one that I like at... IKEA!! This was a nice wood table and FOUR chairs for $129. As almost everything that comes from IKEA you have to put it together yourself. My dad started helping me out one night and then had to leave to go do something. So my lovely sister came in to help. We were down to the last couple chairs and this one screw wouldn't go in. It was mocking us! 
We finally gave up and then the next day, Sunday. We needed my table and chairs for dinner, we were feeding the sister missionaries. My brother, Clayton, tried a go at this screw. It wasn't giving in until it finally decided we had enough and went in. Here is it put all together. 
What it looks like in my house. Pretty isn't it?!

I also got a lamp. (Thank you 3 amigos for putting it together.) I don't know how I was living in such a dark place all these months. Okay it's only been 3 months but STILL!
There is something about the color of this car that I don't like. I looks like it should glow in the dark. Oh and two big dudes were driving in it.
Me and nephew #5. We discovered that my camera can be switched so you can look into the screen and take a picture that way. No flash but still fun, #5 liked it.

Got to make a delivery for work and this was my visitors' badge. I only was on the plant for maybe ten minutes but I still felt special.

 For some reason I REALLY like this picture of me. The coloring I think I kind of look vampire-ish.

This is my new best friend, Jill Anderson. I love her. We met because we are visiting teaching companions. So now you know good things come from doing your visiting teaching. Oh and we had never seen a bag of hash browns this big before. SIX POUNDS!!

After we (Jill, her bf, her roommate, me & our friend Clint) took advantage of Harkin's 78th Anniversary and saw our second free movie that week. We went to Chili's. I love how in the corner it says, Population: You! That was the best part! We also got to color chilies while we waited for our food.

Mine - kind of boring but I had fun.

Clint was definitely more creative than me.

And last but not least.... 

Jenny and I went to Five Guys for a late lunch after some shopping today. If you haven't gone yet you should go NOW! This is the size of the regular fries - NO JOKE! The fries in the cup AND on the plate.

IF you are still reading this then I'm sorry. It is very random but then in the beginning I DID tell you it would be. :D

Part 2 of Time Capsule

Apparently my computer at work doesn't like me. Because I added more pictures and commentary for each and then posted it and only the pictures through the chapstick showed up. I'm a little irritated and hope I can remember what I said for the rest of the pictures. So here we go...

 A weird assortment of jewelry. (I do know I made the earrings and bracelet. But the necklace, really?)

It is supposed to say I am a child a God. I only got "I am a" done.

I told you I really liked pigs. (I love how I put the time on there). 

 I remember that I LOVED drawing these sunflowers.

Yes I'm kind of embarrassed about this. 

I actually still have the notepad that this came from.
There was a questionnaire that talked about what was going on in my life at the time. So I will have to scan that and put it up later. Hope you enjoyed. Next up... Random Thoughts!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Young Women's 5 Year Time Capsule

Just the other day I was at my parents house. The doorbell rang and I got it. My old YW advisor was at the door and she wanted me. It was kind of funny since I don't live at my parents anymore. Anyways, she gave me a jar that I had made. Twelve years ago, her daughter did a project where all the girls my age did a 5 year time capsule. We were all supposed to get together to open our time capsules together but they were forgotten about. So in my little studio by myself I opened my time capsule. I had to think about it and I was 14 at the time and was in 8th grade (I knew the grade because there was a sheet on there that said what grade I was in). And of course I took pictures. I'm a little embarrased at some of the things that are in there. Apparently I was in LOVE with someone in my ward. He is now happily married. But he we go a look into Sarah's life at age 14.

The Jar... Hint: The guy's name starts with a J

A bookmark (Maybe I was hinting that like to read, or really like teddy bears. The latter probably not being the case as you will be further down.)

Candy hearts (why would I put these in?! It's not like I will eat them 5 yrs later... I mean 12 yrs later.)

Backstreet boys & 'NSYNC (Oh yes! No 14 year old girl would denie this.)

Winterfresh gum (that was my favorite... I remember I didn't like anything else. And again why did I put the piece in when I could have just put the wrapper in. I denied myself a perfectly good piece of gum.)

Yep that's my birthday!

No need to explain this one.

The label on it says chaped lips. (Apparently I had really chapped lips then. And I wanted to remember that for some reason.)